Terms & Conditions

At Webosoft we respect human to human relation the most & always work in ensuring customer delight, because at the end of the day, if our customer is successful, we are successful. However there are some specific segment of customers & activities that we are scared to deal with, hence presenting the general Terms & Conditions.

Banned Customer Activities

We don't entertain negotiation on the pricing because we deliver "Quality".
We don't entertain requests for any FREE service.
We are very strict against payment defaulters. A fine of $10 per day will be added to unpaid invoice.
We don't offer design changes for FREE once website is delivered.
Graphics & Logo design is not bundled with web design.
We don't offer SEO service for FREE.
We don't bundle social advertisement cost with any of the website plan.
We don't entertain work request until payment is received.

Fair Service Policy

Cost of any website depends on the amount of work involved, the functions & features demanded by the customer. We can be hired on hourly basis at $20/hour or tell us the features & functionality & we will share a quotation & delivery timeline.

We always deliver the finished project on or before time, but if necessary payment is not received from client within 5 business days post completion of project, the finished project will be deleted & no money will be refunded to customer. A fine of 66% of the cost of website will be applicable if customer still wants the delivery of the finished website post expiration of delivery date.

We always keep customer updated with progressive updates during the development phase & delivery via supported mode of comminication. It's customer's responsibility to respond in time. Any action we take on the project due to not receiving timely response is customer's responsibility.

Once the finished website is delivered to customer, any changes or modification will be chargable. Customer can request for a quote of AMC (annual maintenance contract) for the website where we will take care of the maintenance of the website.

If customer tweaks with the website code which results in breaking of the website or the website get's offline, then the cost of recovery/rectification of the website is to be paid by customer in advance.

We are open to support, hence customers can contact us via supported mode of communication to seek help & support & we promise proactive & satisfactory response.

We offer FREE domain, Hosting or both that is valid for 1st year. Customer is to pay the renewal charge as & when due. Our billing team will contact customer to remind the renewal. If renewal payment is not received in time, the website will be deleted & customer will be responsible for that.

Customer has to supply all the contents (images, text, videos, audio). Incase content is not provided, we will upload generic content to complete the website. Generic content upload will be additionally charged & the amount will be added to the final settlement amount.

If you already own a website & want to host with us, we will help you with FREE migration.

We don't entertain negotiation in the amount of payment to be made upfront.

We can stop work, cancel project at any time if we find customer is not complying to terms & conditions.

Web Hosting

We offer Web hosting service where we ensure the server is up & secure. However it's the customer's responsibility to ensure security by NOT installing any script, theme, plugin that contains malicious code that opens the door for hackers. If the website gets hacked or infected with virus & the site goes down, customer is to pay the charge for restoration.

Customer is to ensure periodic backup of the website, run virus scan to ensure there is no presence of virus or malware. Customer can opt for our premium website management product SiteProtekt where we will manage & monitor the hosting for the customer & ensure daily backup.

All opensource CMS applications such as wordpress, joomla, drupal, october cms etc etc are vulnerable to exploit, hence it's customer's responsibility to keep the platform updated along with all themes & plugins as soon as an update is available. Customer can opt for our premium website management product SiteProtekt where we will manage the backend by periodic monitoring & updation.

If we detect presence of any virus, malicious scripts, malware in the customer's hosting account that puts negative impact on the server or poses potential threat to the hosting environment, we will cancel the customer's hosting account for security reasons. Customer will have to pay the cost of re-activation & recovery.

Refund Policy

Offering FREE Domain, Hosting or both is a part of our customer acquisition plan which is valid for the 1st year. Incase if the project development is cancelled, the cost of domain & hosting will NOT be refunded.

If we ever fall short walking through the path with compliance with the terms & conditions, we will issue applicable refund with no questions asked.

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